Рубрика: Архитектура, дизайн

Рубрика: Архитектура, дизайнРубрика: Архитектура, дизайн.

Михаил Штекель.

Лилия Штекель.

Ирина Думик.

Екатерина Кондрашова.

Odessa Talk.

As Ukraine enters 2018, and with presidential elections in March 2019 and Verkhovna Rada elections in October 2019, the pre-election electioneering has already begun. In truth it began to take shape in the summer of 2017 and became obvious by October 2017. Little now happens within the political class without one eye being upon 2019.

In 2015 when Misha Saakashvili became Governor of Odessa, many people here in the provinces received far more frequent visits from the diplomatic community in Kyiv than was normally the case – this blog included. It became quite clear during the numerous (on-going) conversations held since then that the general position was one of being.

Все новости Одессы в Твиттере.

2006–2017 Odessa?? Business News бизнес-новости, а также новости культуры Одессы.

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